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website content - what do I put on my site?

  1. Site Map - Keep it simple. Put the link at the bottom of the web page, so when people get lost, you help them find their way.
  2. Navigation Bar - Good navigational tools should look the same and be consistent on EVERY page of the site. Home and Contact Us should be visible. I recommend the bottom of every page. More if you have a long scrolling page. Use standard link colors. Don't use a frame for navigation. Design the navigation so it indicates the location you have surfed too.
  3. Contact Us page - Load it up with all your info!
  4. Feedback Forms - Your customers will help you improve your Web site if you give them the opportunity. Respond promptly and don't be afraid to take their advice.
  5. Specific Product or Services Content - Content is king. Are you holding out on people so they will call you or come in the store? The Internet user is researching. Give them the material. That's what they expect on the Web. Show that you are credible. Get rid of that splash page. It wastes everybody's time. Don't you feel bad when you hold someone up in the checkout lane while you are fumbling with your checkbook?
  6. Frequently Asked Questions - The old FAQ is still a useful tool and everybody understands what it is used for. Many people look for it.
  7. Good Graphics - Graphic "lite" is the phrase. Don't go crazy! Is your total web page, including graphics, 50k or more? Too heavy. Search Engines can't read graphics, so get those keywords in HTML. Drop shadows and clunky buttons are out. Flat and pleasant contrast is in!
  8. Searching Mechanism - With a good informational site, the visitor will appreciate the ability to find what they are looking for without having to drill down in your site. Did I mention that all content should be designed to be no more than three clicks from the home page?
  9. News Page - Let's people know you have not abandoned the site and gone out of business. Keep people up to date with your industry. Latest product news, etc.... Plus it is useful when bad weather or emergencies ocurr.
  10. Relevant Links - Well they do take visitors away but links are like FAQs, people appreciate that you have located good resources that are relevant to what they are researching on your site. Check them often because dead links aggravate people. Be sure to give a brief description of what the link is about.

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